Training Seminar - Better Behavior In Dogs

Litchfield Veterinary Hospital

289 Torrington Road
Litchfield, CT 06759


Training Seminar - Better Behavior In Dogs

Join us for an informational seminar presented by renowned trainer, author, and lecturer,  Brian Kilcommons with the doctors of Litchfield Veterinary Hospital; Dr. Laura Carey, Dr. Rachel Ammirata, Dr. Jeannie Stuart.

Behavior is an interesting topic in veterinary medicine.  Often, pet owners don't realize that medical conditions can influence their pet's behavior. Proper nutrition and preventive care, along with proper training are essential to ensuring that you and your pet have a happy, healthy, and successful relationship. This seminar will provide valuable information for any pet owner to achieve better behavior in their dogs.  


"If you want to learn how to teach wanted behaviors and how your behavior influences your dog, this seminar is for you. I will demonstrate with dogs from local shelters, such as Little Guild of St. Francis.  Fun, Fair and Firm, combined with Touch, Tone and Telepathy works with almost any dog.  If you have a problem we have the answers. Be prepared to have an interesting and fun time.
Your dogs will love you more for knowing how to improve your relationship through better behavior."
-Brian Kilcommons


Pre-registration is required as space is limited!
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm, please arrive at 6:45 pm to check in
Location: Litchfield Veterinary Hospital Conference Room
No Dogs Allowed. Little Guild of St. Francis will provide dogs for the demonstration purposes. 
Participating Shelter: Little Guild of St. Francis
This seminar is intended for adults only, childcare is not available.  

A minimum $10 donation will be donated directly to the  participating shelter and benefit the animals in their care.  

Register now to reserve your spot!