Jump Start Pet Care Fund

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Jump Start Pet Care Fund

The Jump Start Pet Care Fund is supported by Litchfield Veterinary Hospital and client donations.  We use this fund to provide medical care for stray cats and kittens, and then find them new homes.  

April 2016 - Adopted!

Adopted 2015 Kittens 

Just look at these adorable kittens!  This is one litter of 5 was left on our doorstep!   Our whole team worked at socializing them to get ready for adoption!  All kittens were Feline Leukemia and FIV tested and received their first vaccinations.  Your donation to our Jump Start Fund will allow us to continue to care for pets in need.  


Adopted November 2015

How it all began......

A local classroom participated in a national contest sponsored by Parade Magazine.  The goal was to identify a local problem and then design a way to address the issue and make a difference.  The children decided they wanted to help animals in medical need.  They raised money through a candy raffle and donated it to our hospital.

This money was used to establish a Jump Start Care Fund, a way to provide medical services to animals in need.  Since its founding in 2000, the Jump Start Fund has continued to grow due to the generous donations of our clients and local school fundraisers. 

The Jump Start Care Fund has allowed us to treat many stray kittens and cats, offsetting the cost of veterinary care. Every year we have taken in stray kittens, we bottle feed them, deworm , treat for fleas,  test to verify they do not have leukemia virus, and vaccinate all the kittens prior to adoption. 

We are grateful for any contributions that allow us to continue this wonderful program.

Special thanks to the original Jump Start children ~ their compassion and dedication is where it all began and together we have continue to make a difference and help animals in need.